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Buzz Burbank News and Comment has been appointment radio for decades. Now, it's a podcast you can hear anytime! Buzz Burbank presents the week's big stories, presented from a unique perspective, and featuring stories you won't hear anywhere else! It's a weekly journal from Buzz to make you feel the news, to make you laugh, and to make you think.

Buzz Burbank Reads The Night Before Christmas

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My gift to you and your children, at Christmas. 

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From 9-2-16:  Alligators, Crosswalks & Wedding Invites...oh my! For the full episode, go to

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Buzz's 2015 Fall TV Preview

It's back--and this year, it's free! It's my annual look at the new fall TV Shows, including broadcast, cable and internet sources Netflix, Amazon, and more! Brought to you by Amazon Prime instant video, through their link at

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This is the audio version of my live, "virtual" meet & greet held on February 27th, 2015.  Also available as video on YouTube.

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Buzz Burbank, along with Marc Ronick & Lowell Melser respond to the recent comments generated by Don Geronimo.

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***PROMO*** SECRETS REVEALED about our favorite TV game shows and reality programs…from one of the people who brought us those shows.  Game Show Guru Bob Boden is Buzz’s guest on the latest edition of The Buzz Burbank Interview! 

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***PROMO*** He was the first to play, and interview, your favorite musicians.  In fact, he’s done as much to influence America’s rock tastes, as the musicians themselves.  Legendary DC deejay Cerphe talks about his own life, and more, in this rare interview.
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Buzz Burbank Interview: Don Geronimo (Part 2)

PROMO ONLY: In Part Two, Don and Buzz talk TV and music, about how radio’s changed, their mutual friend Joe Ardinger, and Mike’s departure from WJFK.  Don turns the tables on Buzz.  And a throwback moment.  Compelling.

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Buzz Burbank Interview: Don Geronimo

PROMO ONLY: Don Geronimo joins Buzz for a thoughtful, intimate conversation in their first appearance together in five years.  Don talks about leaving The Don and Mike Show, has amazing news about grown-up Bart, and so much more.  First of two parts; brought to you by Newton’s Noodles, 1129 20th St NW DC.

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Buzz Burbank Interview

The Buzz Burbank Fall TV Preview is here!

It's his best-ever annual look at the new shows,
complete with start dates and times, what to check out,
and what to avoid!  Join Buzz and Marc Ronick for a complete look at the new season.  A special premium show from The RELM Network!

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